3D holographic projections or holograms give consumers that “jaw dropping” effect that invokes a desire to find out more.

The challenge facing brands is that consumers are bombarded with conventional 2D advertising in every aspect of their lives and have learnt to put up barriers. The overwhelming delivery of advertising can lead consumers to be quick to put up an iron wall against anything that resembles an advertisement. The challenge for today’s marketer is to find a way to break down that barrier and connect with the target audience.

Holographic 3D projections provide the answer because it is impossible to ignore something that is realistic and moving.

Imagine your company’s logo spinning in the air so seamlessly that the consumer can hardly tell what is real and what is imaginary. Image delivering an advertising experience that is memorable and ground-breaking. Imagine creating a “buzz” among each passerby and incorporating augmented reality into the display. This is what holographic 3D projection can deliver, and the technology is available to your company today.

In a world of fast paced technology that continues evolve, being the forerunner of such a marketing advancement means having a clear competitive edge.

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The 3D Company produces high quality 3D content and this is the key to good holograms. We can capture new content or use existing high quality images – this is particularly useful for prototypes.

The Holographic Advantage

Window displays are a great way to show your audience what you are offering. They are often enticed enough to investigate further and it then becomes a simple matter of closing the deal, so to speak. The drawback with current window displays is that they offer no movement. They are static and easily passed by. This is where the Holograpahic Advantage comes in. Movement, no matter how simple, attracts the attention of the eye. It is scientifically proven that human attention flicks toward the area of movement in order to assess the danger of the source. It is an inherent fight or flight behaviour pattern. The primal instinct can be tailored to your advantage. Imagine the benefit of having your product or message moving in such a way that it immediately attracts the eye of the audience. Half the battle is won right there. The consumer is now addressing your product – the mental barrier put up against advertisements has been shattered.

Where to use a Hologram?

Our holographic 3D displays can be any size and used for a variety of different occasions and events in order to generate interest and excitement:

* Shop windows

* Prototypes

* Point of Purchase Displays (POP)

* Product Launches

* Conferences

* Entertainment/Museum/Event Venues

* Holographic Communication

The possibilities are endless and using such projections is a sure fire way to increase both interest and traffic. The 3D Company will tailor your hologram to fit whatever your occasion requires.

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